Group Yoga Class

In a group setting, Marissa will lead everyone through a well thought out yoga class, catered to the requested style. This class is an hour long, and can be shorter or longer depending on the group's needs. This is ideal for special events such as a bridal shower, your wedding day, a family reunion, or even just some yoga for your vacation.


Yoga Therapy

In a private session, we focus on specific areas of the body and mind, creating a yoga guideline that works best for you. Some days may be more focused on breathing and meditating while others may focus more on the asanas. Ideally, you attend your private class at least once a week to receive the most benefits from a yoga practice. The body and mind are ever changing, so love and dedication consistently to oneself is important.


Reiki is an ancient energy healing practice that helps balance the body on multiple levels. Through this hands on healing, energy is moved throughout the human body, allowing the energy to go where it needs to in the body. Have you ever had a neck ache that won’t go away even with a massage? Chances are it is actually blocked energy. With a 45 minute general session or 1 hour targeted session, Marissa can work to bring comfort and balance back to your body. The best part is, this healing work can be done in person or through distance.



What is more perfect than two amazing healing practices coming together? After taking a 1 hour yoga class, you will receive 15 minutes of Reiki healing as an extension to your savasana.




"I’ve recently done private lessons with Marissa, she’s a great yoga instructor. She’s definitely very patient, and professional. She’s passionate with what she does which makes it all that better! Since I’ve started off these lessons I already feel that it’s helped me in so many ways. Mind and body definitely! I will continue my lessons! Thank you so much!"

Johanna B.

"I recommend Marissa Espino to help you on your Yoga Journey. I have never met a person more passionate about what she does and she is a joy to be around."

Ashley P.